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From the episode on 2/9/2018

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S - Simon Mayo, L - Lupita Nyong’o


S: Tell us about your character in Black Panther. L: I play Nakia, an undercover spy for Wakanda. Wakanda is a fictitious African nation that has kept to itself; it’s isolated, it’s secret, and it’s one African nation that was never colonized. And as such they have been able to advance in ways that people are unaware of. I am a spy who goes out into the world, observes and reports back to Wakanda, and Nakia also has a complicated past with T’Challa, who is the Black Panther and the King of Wakanda.


S: When you first talked to the director (Ryan Coogler), what was it that hooked you in? L: First of all, I felt like he was telling quite a radical story, and I was surprised that it was a superhero film and that Marvel had greenlit it. […] In regards to Nakia in particular, he definitely wanted her to be a love interest but not your typical love interest. She is more than just the man who’s pursuing her or the man she’s pursuing. She has her own agenda, her own drive and ambition and we see that. It was a refreshing take on that aspect of storytelling: the romantic story is more in the background than it is in the fore, because Wakanda has a lot to deal with. And she’s part and parcel of what Wakanda has to deal with and what the future will look like for Wakanda. I just thought it was really refreshing to have that kind of love interest who affects the narrative so directly.


S: When you said you were surprised that it was a superhero film and it being greenlit and it being radical, was that what you were talking about or was it the political side of things? L: Well I think the film is just very honest about a lot of pan-African issues. It’s a film that honors the past in terms of African culture and historical context, but it also offers a future. We see a country in Wakanda that has figured out that the way forward is to allow all its citizens to realize their full potential. So women alongside men are allowed to assume positions of power, and their assuming those positions of power don’t diminish or threaten the men in their lives. So you see kind of an idyllic society in terms of gender relations. That image becomes that much easier to image in this world that we live in. And just the issue of what borders mean…the film is so layered and deep, and it’s allegorical, folkloric, mythological, it’s like a new kind of mythology that we’re offering the world in the Black Panther story.


S: It’s also very much a Marvel film, with all that history that ties completely into this 52-year-old comic book story, that’s an astonishing achievement. L: It really is. The very fact that Black Panther was born of the Civil Rights movement and came into being then, the radical nature of it is in its origins. Marvel honoured that, and has allowed for this particular part of the universe to stand on its own, have its own rules and its own identity. I think Marvel does a really good job of that with all its superheroes, each one fits a different genre within superhero genres. It does have that kind of reach: Marvel is appealing to the masses, and so the fact that this story gets to go around the globe and that it’s made of such strong and deep stuff, is really amazing. We dream to be a part of something that is both popular and meaningful.


S: It’s certainly the most African film I’ve seen in the mainstream, though I would mention that David Oyelowo was on the show a couple of years back for Queen of Katwe, and you were in that, and that was blazing a trail. L: Yes, that’s why I signed up for it. I’m obviously very attracted to stories that demystify what it means to be African and really puts the African context on a global scale, as is Black Panther. In a way it feels really futuristic, but it also honors and pays homage to real African cultures. Ruth Carter, the costume designer, pulled from real ancient African cultures that are unfortunately dying. This film brings them to light in such a special way, because Wakanda is a country that was never colonized, never interrupted by that assault, there is identity; their relationship with their ancient tradition is modern. And we see the way in which those cultures are modernized and how they are preserved, not in a way that keeps them archival, but practical. We see tradition and modernity, and the modernity of those traditions. That’s such a rich image, and a key one for those of us of African descent to look at and ponder on, that conquest does not mean the dismissing of traditions.

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· 2019年4月 洛杉矶

#Avengers: Endgame Opens#

在最近的新闻发布会上,美国队长的扮演者Chris Evans说,“我在过去十年建立起的友谊和联系,让每个人都像“家人”一样团结在一起。”

"The friendships and connections I've made over these 10 years," Evans said, brought everyone together like "a family".

2019年3月 比佛利山庄

#Call Her Captain Marvel#

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当被问及希望孩子们从这部电影中得到什么启示时,惊奇队长的扮演者Brie Larson 回答,“我们为你们拍摄了这部电影。这个世界已经告诉你们,应该如何思考、感受和解读,以及应该成为什么样的人……我们只是给你们以影像,但由你们自己决定。”

"We made it for you. The world is already telling you so much [about] how you're supposed to think and feel and interpret things, and who you're supposed to grow up to be.... We're just showing you images. It's up to you to decide."

2018年4月 比佛利山庄

#It's Showtime for Avengers: Infinity War#

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冬兵的扮演者Sebastian Stan,谈到了自己的演变。他在神秘的瓦坎达王国,有了崭新的开始,和复仇者联盟联手,对抗灭霸。


"It's about cultivating new relationships and a sense of place and family in Wakanda that he didn't have before," Stan said.

2018年1月 洛杉矶

#Black Panther Wows Critics#

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Ruth E. Carter 是电影《黑豹》的服装设计师,并凭此获得第91届奥斯卡金像奖最佳服装设计奖。“这是我最喜欢这部电影的地方,”Carter说,“它是一场视觉盛宴。”

"That's what I like most about this movie," said Carter, who has more than 40 films to her credit. "It's a feast for the eyes."


#Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Blasts Off#

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勇度的扮演者Michael Rooker说,“成为护卫队的一员很酷,”,“甚至在之前,我们都知道,在勇度自己心中,他已经是一个超级英雄了。他曾经是掠夺者中的一员,但现在和这些人在一起,他觉得自己是他们的一部分。他是非常重要的。”

"It's very cool to be a part of the Guardians," Rooker said. "Even before [this film], Yondu, we all knew he was, in his own mind, already a superhero. He was in this whole Ravager group, but now he's with these individuals whom he feels a part of. He's very important."

2016年11月 伯班克

#Doctor Strange#

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古一的扮演者Tilda Swinton说,“也许我们比以往任何时候都更需要集中精力去拓宽我们的思维,”,“这部电影中有一些非常前卫的观点,那就是自我和恐惧是可以超越的东西。”

"Maybe more than ever, we need to concentrate on opening our minds," said Tilda Swinton, who plays the Ancient One. "There's something really radical in this film, which is that ego and fear are things to be lived beyond."


#澳门英皇堵城网址,Captain America: Civil War#

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当Anthony Russo被问及为什么那么多人对超级英雄着迷。他说:“我们生活在一个非常复杂的世界里,而且似乎每天都在变得越来越复杂,”,“一部奇幻电影可以解决很多问题,在某种程度上甚至是一键解决,这让人感到宽慰。”

"We live in a very complicated world that seems like it gets more and more complicated every day," he said. "There's something reassuring about having a fantasy film that can deal with a lot of these issues, but in a way that's one step removed."

2013年4月 好莱坞

#Iron Man Returns!#

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"It just feels like we are doing something right and I really am glad the people are responding to this movie," Downey said of Iron Man 3. "Being able to do this again with Don and Gwyneth [Paltrow] has been a real pleasure. But having Sir Ben rocket us into another dimension with arguably the most complicated arc in superhero history?"That took things to a whole other level, he added.

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